By purchasing and paying on the Avers website (Avers), you agree to the Terms of Use and the Terms of Purchase.

The products, their description, photos and prices are part of the Avers offer. The price of products on the site may change at any time without prior notice by the Avers site.

If certain products are unavailable for purchase, Avers will cancel the purchase and notify you by email.

Payment for the products can be made in one of the following ways:

Payment by payment card

We charge the orders sent by you at the time of purchase of the product. You fill out the order and then you are redirected to the official card processor of Komercijalna banka, where the online payment is made, by filling in data from your credit or debit card. At the moment of confirmation of the completed data, you are authorized, and before the delivery of the product/s, your funds are deducted from your account. After the successful authorization, the User receives a notification about the successful/unsuccessful payment by e-mail.

Liability of KASTRUM DOO in case of abuse, inappropriate and unauthorized use of a payment card

KASTRUM DOO fully disclaims any responsibility for the damage that may be caused to the Buyer and/or to third parties if it occurred as a result of inappropriate and unauthorized use of the payment card, i.e. if for any reason it is misused or used without the owner’s knowledge and consent or if stolen. In the mentioned cases, KASTRUM DOO has no obligation to return the paid funds.

KASTRUM DOO is not responsible for the costs of the customer’s Internet traffic and will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of the interruption of the Internet connection at the time of using the electronic services during online shopping.

Confirmation of a successful purchase with a payment card

At the moment when you successfully complete the purchase procedure, to your email address (the one you have entered in our system), an automatic confirmation that the sale was successfully made will arrive.

If you receive a message that the payment is unsuccessful, i.e. that the transaction cannot be completed, first check whether you have successfully and correctly filled in all the empty fields with payment data, whether everything is OK with your payment card, check its validity and whether she has enough funds. If all the necessary data have been successfully entered and everything is fine with your payment card, then it is most likely a technical problem. In that case, please contact us by email: [email protected] so that we can check the transaction and solve the problem.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer should be to our account. When paying, be sure to write the order number. Your order will be shipped as soon as the funds are in our account.

Delivery conditions

The delivery is made to the address defined by the Buyer when the order was placed, exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, only to the person with the capacity of buyer (name and surname) or to the person defined as the recipient of the order by the Buyer.

Delivery of the products to Skopje is done within 24-48 hours on working days, and for the rest of Macedonia in 3 to 5 working days.

Collection of the products can be done exclusively by the Buyer (or the designated person for receipt of the order) by showing a valid personal identification document.

The delivery of the orders is carried out through a suitable company for the delivery of parcels.

KASTRUM DOO does not take responsibility for the quality of service during the delivery of its products. The quality of the service is individual and is the responsibility of the delivery company.