Privacy Policy

The privacy policy contains the privacy practices of the Avers website, and explains how KASTRUM DOO applies these practices in the functioning of the website

The Privacy Policy regulates the right to privacy and security of personal data that is the purpose of processing. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing or using our website you agree to all the terms defined in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of our website. If you do not agree with these terms, please leave this page and do not use our site.

Personal data

The collection of personal data on this website is in accordance with the regulations for the protection of personal data.

Personal data is data that identifies a specific end user.

When you engage in some activities on a website, such as creating a profile or ordering a product, we may ask you to provide some information about yourself, but it is not mandatory to engage in an activity that requires identification.

If you choose to engage in an activity that requires identification, we may ask you to provide certain personal information, such as: first and last name, postal address (including zip code), email address, telephone number and date of birth.

When you order a product, the data you enter for payment are data that we do not keep, and are processed through an https security connection through the payment processing system of Komercijalna Banka. Depending on the activity, some of the data is mandatory and some is identified as voluntary. If the mandatory data for a particular activity that requires it is not provided, You will not be allowed to engage in that activity.

Non-personal data

Data that does not identify the end user is called non-personal data.

This type of data may include things like the Universal Resource Locator (“URL”), the type of browser, version and plugins you are using, your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, the device you are accessing from, type and model.

Data security

We have taken numerous precautions in order to protect the security of personal data. HTTPS security protocol is used when processing and transferring information to servers. Anyone can access their personal data on our website by entering their password and username. This password is encrypted. It is recommended that you do not share your password with anyone.

If you forget your password, you need to follow the instructions provided by our system so that you can successfully obtain a new password. If you have problems, please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Payment data

The data you enter during payment or purchase from your payment card are not saved or transmitted through our servers. Transactions are processed through the payment processing system of Komercijalna Banka, which is certified by VISA and MasterCard for transaction processing. At the moment when you make the payment and enter the data, it is processed through the bank’s HTTPS security protocol using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and the data from your payment card is not visible to us, the only information about your transaction that is visible to us is your Name and Surname from the payment card, the last 4 numbers from the card and the amount on which the transaction was made, while all the rest are encrypted.

User rights and contact regarding the Privacy Policy

In relation to our Privacy Policy, you have the following rights and options:

– The right to be informed about the processing of personal data

– Right of access to personal data

– Right to correction and deletion of personal data

– The right to limit the processing of personal data

– Right to object

The privacy policy of KASTRUM DOO covers the entirety of the meaning of use and protection of personal data and it is implemented in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

For additional information and/or exercise of your rights to the protection of personal data, you can contact us at this e-mail address: [email protected]